The Family

The Family

Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Candy

Every year I do it.

And every year I use the tired excuse that I'm getting a head start in preparation for Halloween. I actually think I kind of believe that excuse, at least when I'm caught up in the frenzy of the holiday-goody-aisle.

I should absolutely know better than to purchase ridiculously oversized bags of chocolatey goodness weeks before the big day.

Weeks are far too long. And chocolate is far too tempting.

This year the bags remained unopened for about one day. And in all honesty, that's just because I forgot about them due to the top secret hiding place I stashed them.

Who would ever look for chocolate in the laundry room? The answer is nobody. At least I'm certain my husband would never search there since he seldom graces that room with his presence. Ahem. If he asks, I never said that.

I'll admit that I occasionally hide things from the other family members in this household. It's my duty as a mother. It's in the Mom's Essential Handbook somewhere, I can assure you. Every holiday, I feel the need to hide the candy bags from my children and husband because I know how gluttonous they can be when it comes to sweets. Give the kids vegetables and they're suddenly "not hungry" but give them sugar and they'll eat for days.

I am the mother therefore I am responsible for making decisions with their well-being in mind. Because we all know that kids aren't old enough to make wise choices when it comes to sugar. And husbands, well, they're like super-big, hairy children with no concept of sugar-overload, either.

In all honesty though, it is I who has been gluttonous. It is I who almost single-handedly finished an entire bag of assorted chocolate goodies--some of which I don't even like that much. I mean, if Reese's had been in that bag, it would have been completely emptied. And I wouldn't have looked back. I love me some Reese's.

Now, less than a week before Halloween, I must go and buy more candy to make up for the candy that I have so excessively eaten. Not only do I have a stomachache, I now have a few extra pounds to start off the holidays. Which is exactly the way I wanted to start things off! I'm sure you caught my sarcasm and if you didn't here is your disclaimer: I was being sarcastic.

I knew I should have bought the cheap bag of knock-off candy. But I hated to do that to the children. It's really all for the children, you know.

Plus, Mama hates the junk in that bag.

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